Identifying Place Value

Place value is defined as the value a numeral has determined by its position in a number. Having a good understanding of place value means students know the meaning of the number. A knowledge of place value ensures that students know the order of numbers as well.

In this video, the teacher breaks down the process of determining the value of a numeral in a number determined by its place in the number. The teacher illustrates this by completing a worksheet with practice problems.

First, the teacher explains to students that the task is to look at a number and see the numeral designated with a line. The teacher displays the number on the whiteboard. She then draws a place value chart on the whiteboard and labels each numeral in the columns of the chart: ones, tens, hundreds, thousands and ten thousands. Students can now easily see the place value of the number designated in the problem and the correct answer is easily found.  The teacher then completes the worksheet.

This video shows students an easy visual strategy to figure out place value which makes it a great choice for use in math classrooms.

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