King and Queen Mate

In chess, checkmate is the end of the game. Whoever checkmates first wins the game. The game ends when one player captures the king of the opponent meaning that the king has no place left move. Now both the chess king and queen are very powerful pieces on chess. If you know how to play king and how to play the queen in your favor the game is yours.

A queen can also be used to win the game. It can be used to force the enemy king to retreat to the edge of the board and final checkmate can be done by bringing the king in. So, a queen can make way for a king to win the game. This is referred to as queen mate.

King mate or checkmate happens when the king can neither run nor capture or protect itself from any attack. It is referred to as the CPR rules, Capture, Protect, Run. In a situation like this, the player says checkmate and the game ended leaving this player the winner. The ultimate goal of the game is to create this checkmate and whosoever captures the king of opponent first wins the game.

So that’s a small and quick lesson on king mate and queen mate.

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