Amazing Plant Parts

Kids Academy has brought plants to life for learners through this engaging animation. Learners will learn how amazing the different parts of a plant can be. Aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards, this video uses animation and key vocabulary to bring the world of plants to life.

Each plant has parts, just like people have different body parts. Each plant part serves a different purpose and does a different job. For example, most plants have leaves, those leaves are important to the survival of the plant. The leaves absorb light from the sun. The plant then turns the sunlight into food through photosynthesis. The roots of a plant area strong and steady and grip onto the soil in order to keep it from falling over. The roots also act sort of like drinking straws, sucking up all of the water and nutrients from the soil. Stems carry the water and nutrients up to other parts of the plant. They also support the plant. Some plants even have ways of protecting themselves. They may have thorns or spikes that keep animals from eating them. Many plants grow flowers which turn into fruit. This fruit contains seeds. If buried in soil, seeds can sprout and grow into another plant! No one single part of a plant is more important than another. They all work together to keep the plant alive.