Foundational Reading Lesson - Read Words in Order, Grade 1

  • Activity 1 / Word Order

  • Activity 2 / What is the First Word? Worksheet

    Sentences are made up of different words, and put together in a way that they convey meaning. After learning the letters of the alphabet, your students will probably go on to identifying and writing short words, and then writing short sentences. This simple worksheet will test how well your kids can read short sentences, and if they can identify the first words in sentences. Help them read all the sentences in this printout, and then check the first word in the sentence.

  • Activity 3 / Start the Sentence Worksheet

    Learning is in sweet and steady stages. After your students learn to say the letters of the alphabet, the next step is to introduce them to small words. And, after they have mastered that, you must move on to constructing short and simple sentences. This easy worksheet will test how well your lessons have paid off, and if your students really understand how a sentence works. Ask them to read the sentences in this worksheet. Then, ask them to circle the correct word that starts the sentence.

  • Activity 4 / What Comes First Worksheet

    This party worksheet will sure be fun for your little one. Before you begin the exercise, you can ask them if they know what is going on in the picture. Then, help them read the short story aloud. Make sure they understand the order which you tell the story. Now, show them that the first image is number 1; the second is number 2, and so on. Then, ask them to choose the number for the order of images that match the story.

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