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Discover engaging and fun math coloring pages designed for 3-year-olds on Kids Academy! These printable worksheets focus on shape recognition, blending creativity with foundational math skills. Perfect for early learners, the coloring pages help children identify and differentiate shapes while coloring enjoyable images. Enhance your child's learning experience by combining art and education, fostering essential skills in a delightful way. Visit the page to download and print these educational resources and watch your little one develop a love for learning!

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Color the Shapes Worksheet
Color the Shapes Worksheet

Color the Shapes Worksheet

Help your student master shape identification with this fun worksheet. Ask them to name the shapes in the picture, then color it! Ask questions like "How many squares do you see?" and "How many triangles?" to extend the learning. Identify squares, circles, triangles and rectangles with this enjoyable coloring page.
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Color the Shapes Worksheet