Skip Counting by 5s: Space Math Printable

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Your child will be over the moon with this fun new worksheet! Here’s a count by 5’s printable worksheet your child will love! Skip counting is imperative for kids to learn as they progress to more advanced math concepts. Sharpen your little astronaut’s math skills, and give them the practice they need with this invaluable math skill. 
Completing this worksheet will help your child: 
• Learn to count by 5’s
• Visually count groupings of numbers just by looking at them
• Make connections between individual numbers and groups of numbers
• Use problem solving skills to determine the correct answer.
Skip counting is such an important skill later in life, whether for math class, or for just counting money. Your child will love practicing this crucial concept while they enjoy fun space graphics.

Required skills:
Answer the question in 3-5 sentences - What students should know to resolve this worksheet? To resolve this worksheet, students should have already learned how to count, know the numbers from 1 to 100, and be familiar with the concept of skip counting. They should also know how to visually count groupings of numbers and be able to solve basic math problems.