Cursive ABCs: Lowercase h

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Learning how to recite the letters of the alphabet is not all your children need. They will also need to learn how to identify and write all the letters of the alphabet. Learning cursive will help your children perfect their handwriting skills, and will give them neater handwriting. These worksheets are a perfect learning aid for you and your children as they offer tracing sheets for kids to practice writing the cursive lowercase letter ‘h’. At the end of the exercise, your children will have better writing skills, as well as learn new words.

Required skills:
To complete this worksheet, students should already know how to identify and recite the letter 'h' in both its uppercase and lowercase forms. They should also have some basic knowledge of cursive writing, such as starting and ending strokes and general letter formation. Additionally, students should have control over their fine motor skills in order to trace and write neatly.