Cursive ABCs: Uppercase D

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The cursive uppercase letter ‘D’ may seem confusing to your children at first glance with its many swirls, but with the practice this worksheet affords, they will soon master writing the letter. On this tracing sheet, help your kids learn to write the uppercase letter ‘D’ in cursive as they practice tracing the letter over and over again. Once they have gotten enough practice, allow them to write the letter on their own. Next, show them the examples of words that begin with the letter D and have your kids match the pictures to the correct word.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to properly form the uppercase cursive letter D. They should also have some basic skills in handwriting, such as tracing and writing letters on their own. Additionally, some vocabulary knowledge of words that begin with the letter D would be helpful for matching pictures to the correct words.