Eggcellent 9’s Worksheet

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Turtles lay eggs from which their offspring hatch. When a turtle lays an egg, the egg is in danger of being eaten by other predators, such as snakes. Your kids can save the turtle eggs in this worksheet. Create a barrier to protect the turtle’s eggs by solving each 9’s multiplication fact. Then, help your kids circle the equations with the correct product. Finish up this exercise with your little ones and show them how they can help save turtle eggs.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should have a solid grasp of their multiplication table for the number 9. They should also be able to use problem-solving strategies to create a barrier that will protect the turtle's eggs from predators. Additionally, students should be familiar with vocabulary related to eggs and understand the concept of predator/prey relationships. Finally, students should have a basic understanding of turtle reproduction.