Equal Parts: Food Worksheet

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Pies are yummy; your kids probably love them and look forward to you slicing out a yummy piece for them. In this worksheet, your kids have to help the four friends share up a delicious pie. The aim is to make sure the pie is divided into four equal parts, so no one gets cheated out. There are six pictures of whole pies cut up into different parts. Your child must carefully pick out which pie is cut up into four equal parts, so each of the four friends can get an equal share of the pie.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to identify and distinguish visually between different fractions that represent equal parts of a whole. They should also have basic math skills to count the individual sections of the pie and divide them equally among four people. Finally, they should have an understanding of social skills such as sharing and fairness to be able to apply these principles to dividing the pie equally.