Fairy Tale Worksheet: Story Mix Up

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Kids love fairy tales! If you think back to your own childhood, you might remember fond memories of your favorite fairy tale.
Because fairy tales are adored across the globe, fairy tales make for wonderful practice when it comes to critical learning skills. Your child will love our fairy tale worksheets, including this one that will help your little one build essential learning skills.
When ready, this worksheet will help your child:
• Sharpen cognitive and comprehension skills;
• Build problem solving skills;
• Strengthen classification skills. 
Before introducing your child to this adorable worksheet, be sure to: 
Read or watch the fairy tales that are included on the worksheet. Chances are, your child may already be familiar with many fairy tales. However, especially if your little one is young, you may want to review these stories with them so that they’re familiar with these timeless tales. Your child will love the story, and the time spent with you!
• Talk about each fairy tale and the important elements of each. Improve your child’s comprehension skills by talking about the characters and elements used in each story. Talking with your child will help him or her understand and remember it better. 
Fairy tale worksheets are great tools to help kids engage with their favorite stories while also allowing them to sharpen classification skills and problem-solving. Print out this vibrant worksheet and excite your child with his or her favorite fairy tales!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know about their favorite fairy tales, be able to remember and understand their characters and elements of each story. They should be able to classify and solve problems by putting the story elements in the right sequence.