Fruits Match Up Worksheet

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Inspire your child to count using this adorable fruits matching worksheet! Matching skills are important for kids to sharpen important spatial reasoning skills. This vivid worksheet featuring your child’s favorite fruits will motivate your little learner practice problem-solving skills to find the correct fruit. 
This fun worksheet will help your child: 
• Build spatial skills by taking a silhouette and finding the fruit that matches the outline;
• Utilize problem-solving skills to eliminate the incorrect answers; 
• Build confidence in a job well-done!
Matching games help your child to work on many different skills at once. This adorable fruit match up will give your child the skills needed to accomplish more advanced tasks.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to count and recognize numbers, match fruits based on their shape and size, and identify the correct fruit that matches the silhouette. They will also need to use their problem-solving skills to eliminate incorrect answers and find the correct fruit, and feel confident in their ability to complete the task.