Instrument Subtraction Worksheet - Answers and Completion Rate

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Tasks in the Worksheet:
Look at the subtraction problems. Check the box next to the number sentence that matches. Problem 1. There are 9 saxophones. 2 saxophones were taken away. How many saxophones are left? Problem 2. There are 7 trumpets in the music room. 5 students bring their trumpets home. How many trumpets are left in the music room?
Instrument Subtraction Worksheet Answer Key
Instrument Subtraction Worksheet
Instrument Subtraction Worksheet Learning Value
The basic learning value of this worksheet is to reinforce the concept of subtraction using a fun and engaging theme, i.e. musical instruments. It also helps students recognize different musical instruments, which is a bonus learning opportunity. The worksheet also promotes reading comprehension skills as students have to read and understand the instructions given on the worksheet.