Tricky Patterns Size Worksheet

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Did you know that pattern recognition is one of the most important skills your child can learn to develop a healthy intelligence? Kids need to learn to recognize patterns early to help them form a foundation for important critical thinking, logical reasoning, and mathematical skills. 
Here’s a picture pattern worksheet that your little learner will love! They will have fun completing the worksheet while practicing crucially important concepts. 
Completing this worksheet and ones like it will help your child to: 
• Differentiate between different shapes and sizes. Your child will look through the answer choices and sort through different sizes to pick the right answer.
• Complete the pattern with the logical answer. Using spatial reasoning, they must choose the correct answer by picturing in their mind what would best complete the pattern. 
• Look for and understand patterns. After completion, your child will understand why the others would not fit, which will sharpen their skills for finding the right answer.
• Lay a foundation for future mathematics skills. Patterns are important in math. By mastering simple patterns, they will lay a foundation for future math skills.
In turn, your child will be practicing important spatial and logical reasoning skills. These critical skills will help your child blossom into a critical thinker for future success. Print out this tricky picture pattern worksheet to give your child an intriguingly fun way to support important learning skills!

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