Count with the Matador Connect Dots Worksheet

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Once toddlers learn count, it’s important that they can also identify the numbers in print. Why not use a worksheet that can also jumpstart a conversation about culture, while giving your child new and interesting vocabulary? Your child will love helping this brave matador find his way to his bull in this delightfully interesting connect the dots, numbers 1-10 worksheet!
With this worksheet, your child will practice the following skills: 
• Reinforcing counting skills from 1-10
• Recognizing the numbers in print on the page
• Pencil grip, and drawing straight lines, increasing hand to eye coordination
• Problem solving skills as they help guide the matador to the bull.
At Kids Academy, we strive to bring your family quality worksheets that help your child across the curriculum. This worksheet is wonderful for helping your child practice counting and numeracy skills. However, you can also use this worksheet to introduce your child to the following concepts: 
• Introduce your little learner to the word matador
• Explain the tradition of bull fighting, a Spanish and Latin American game
• Extend learning by talking about different countries and their locations.
As you can see, even older kids and enjoy and appreciate this wonderful connect the dots worksheet. Practicing numeracy skills and so much more, your child will build a love for learning, motivating them for more! Print this today for cultural counting fun!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should be able to count from 1 to 10, recognize the numbers in print, draw straight lines, and connect the dots to help the matador find his way to the bull. They should also be able to understand basic vocabulary related to bullfighting and different countries.