Natural Resources: Conservation Worksheet

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Water scarcity is a difficult situation, and it occurs when people do not have enough water where they live. Tell your child some of the things that these people who live in places where there is water scarcity are no longer able to do. Then, tell them that we can prevent water scarcity and save money when we use less energy and water. This is known as conservation. Conservation is important as it protects our natural resources. Now, help them check the box next to the pictures that show conservation.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should understand the concept of water scarcity and its impact on people's lives. They should be able to identify situations where people are unable to access water. Furthermore, they should be aware of the importance of conserving natural resources and how it can help prevent water scarcity. Finally, they need to be able to recognize actions that promote conservation of natural resources, such as reducing energy and water consumption.