Skip Counting by 3s: Outer Space Skip Counting Printable

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How would you like a counting by 3’s printable worksheet that helps prepare your child for more advanced math skills? Skip counting is important for kids because it forms the foundation for learning higher level skills, like multiplication.
When kids learn to count using groups of numbers, they are able to better visualize numbers in their head, and they get a better understanding of how mathematical concepts work. This worksheet will help your future mathematician practice important counting skills, while learning to count groups of numbers. 
This worksheet is important because: 
• It will give your child a thorough understanding of math processes.
• It lays a foundation for the knowledge needed to begin multiplying and adding numbers.
• The worksheet allows kids to increase logical reasoning and cognitive skills, making a connection between counting the objects individual, versus counting the objects in groups.
This worksheet serves as an excellent tool to help kids gain a better awareness and thorough understanding of more advanced math concepts. In turn, you can expect your child to work on the following skills: 
• Practice counting in groups of 3’s
• Logical reasoning and cognitive skills
• Problem solving skills.
Like all our worksheets, intriguing pictures will delight your child and keep him or her engaged with bright pictures and fun objects. By using images that are exciting, your child won’t even realize that they’re working hard, learning the concepts they need for future success!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to skip count by 3's and count in groups. This will help them better visualize numbers in their head and understand mathematical concepts. They should also have some logical reasoning and problem-solving skills to complete the activities.