Practice Patterns Worksheet

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Kids need to learn how to recognize patterns early on to lay a foundation for future math and critical analysis skills. In fact, it can be said that pattern recognition is amongst the most important skills for kids to learn! Help your little scholar learn to recognize patterns with this cute pattern recognition worksheet, aimed at helping your child to make thoughtful predictions. 
What you’ll notice in this worksheet:
• Bright colorful pictures to keep your child engaged. The images on the page will catch your child’s eye to motivate them to look for the pattern.
• Challenging designs and patterns. The patterns include both color and shapes so your child will have to look closely and think deeply about which picture completes the pattern.
Tasks your child with predicting the next image in the sequence. Not only will your child learn to recognize the patterns, but they’ll engage their thinking skills to predict what comes next.
Completing this worksheet will help your child: 
• Practice important problem-solving skills;
• Improve pattern recognition skills;
• Develop critical analysis and thinking skills.
What better way to develop one of the most important skills in life than by having fun with bright and catchy pictures? Your child will love honing his or her skills with this vibrant pattern recognition worksheet. Soon, your little learner will be ready for more intricate designs and predictions as they build a foundation for critical analysis skills!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should be able to recognize and identify patterns, colors, and shapes. They should also have problem-solving skills and be able to predict what comes next in the pattern sequence.