Realistic Fiction: The First Day Worksheet

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Fiction is a version of events that never truly occurred. Story writers are said to be fiction writers, as they formulate these stories from their minds to entertain their readers. The short story in this worksheet is also a fictional story. It is about a girl called Rosa, her friend, Miguel, and their first day back to school. Read the story carefully aloud to your kids, and make sure they are paying attention to some of the small details the story mentions. If needed, read the story twice to your kids. Then, help them circle the correct pictures to the questions.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should first understand the concept of realistic fiction and how it differs from non-fiction. They should be able to comprehend the details and characters of the short story, paying attention to even the smallest details. They should be able to observe the story carefully and develop their prediction skills to answer the questions in the worksheet.