Sea Math Worksheet - Answers and Completion Rate

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Tasks in the Worksheet:
Look at the picture and solve the word problems about sea creatures. Check the correct answers. Problem 1. There are 4 blue and 3 pink corals growing on the sea bottom. How many corals are there in total? Problem 2. 5 purple fish and 7 green fish are swimming in the sea. How many fish are there in all? Problem 3. There were 8 yellow seahorses at the bottom of the sea. 2 red seahorses were at the top of the sea. How many seahorses are there altogether?
Sea Math Worksheet Answer Key
Sea Math Worksheet
Sea Math Worksheet Learning Value
The basic learning value of this worksheet is to help young students develop their addition and counting skills and strengthen their problem-solving abilities. It also teaches them the importance of paying attention to instructions and key words in a problem.