Fractions: Sweets Maze Worksheet

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Fractions are hard for kids because they are often asked to work with them without understanding the reason why. But when we introduce the concept behind fractions and how to recognize parts of a whole, kids can understand the math they’re completing when they get to more advanced problems. Using this tantalizing sweets maze learn fractions printable, kids can begin to understand parts of a whole with tasty treats! 
This worksheet is great because: 
• The fun theme will help motivate your child
• Visuals will help your child understand parts of a whole
• It guides your child in what to find: ½! 
Let’s get started understanding fractions with this sensationally sweet worksheet!

Required skills:
Students should have a basic understanding of fractions and part-whole concept to resolve this worksheet. They should know how to recognize parts of a whole and solve basic mazes. This worksheet will help students understand the reason behind working with fractions and help them with visual recognition.