Fairy Tale Worksheet: Identify and Match Colors with Three Little Pigs

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The three little pigs need your help! They’re all set to paint their new houses, but need your child’s help to make sure they have just the right color! Your child will love this matching colors for kids PDF worksheet, which will help them practice color recognition and problem solving skills.
This worksheet will allow your child to:
• Read (with help) and follow directions;
• Practice problem solving skills to determine which color is correct;
• Recognize the difference between different colors.
Teaching kids to differentiate between colors is important because it forms the foundation for developing advanced logic skills. Combine this with these fun Three Little Pigs coloring pages, and your preschooler will surely love learning!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know colors and how to differentiate between them. They should also have basic problem-solving skills to determine which color is correct based on the directions given.