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Kids Academy Introduces Blended Learning Course: Science with E-Blox

June 19, 2022

Children playing

For kids today, science class looks nothing like it did in the past. Thanks to a movement to integrate STEM-based learning into the classroom, science instruction is more hands-on than ever before! Gone are the days of memorizing facts and diagrams; our youngest learners are now learning in innovative new ways that harness their ability to build and create. 

Kids Academy knows that technology is always changing and that kids must have the proper tools to be successful in learning and life. That’s why we’ve partnered with E-Blox to bring teachers a unique new blended learning course that integrates our on-screen resources with hands-on manipulatives.

E-Blox are brick-based construction sets that allow students to build circuits and structures. Kids tackle hands-on projects that are partnered with our lessons and smart worksheets to form a more meaningful learning experience.

What’s Included?

At its core, the Science with E-Blox course blends interactive on-screen learning with off-screen activities so children can learn crucial science topics more authentically. It’s fully aligned with Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and helps build the following skills:

  • Creative problem solving
  • Design thinking
  • Job skills for the future
  • Collaboration skills

Known as the process of design thinking, manipulatives such as E-Blox helps children foster their growing ability to work through tough challenges and create solutions as they work through a project. When paired with our interactive resources, students engage in a powerful new way to master critical science skills in an enjoyable way.

Children playing

How Does it Work? 

While working through the course, students learn about a variety of science concepts through lessons that allow them to solve real-life problems. Generally, a lesson consists of four main components: 

  • Introductory video. Based upon the topic and skill, each activity begins with a video that poses a problem through an interesting story.
  • Interactive activity. Children are tasked with completing an interactive game or quiz. The lesson includes material the student must master and tasks the learner should complete using that information.
  • Blended learning activity with E-Blox. Students then apply new knowledge to a hands-on project. Instructions are given on-screen, and learners complete the project using the E-Blox construction set.
  • Intriguing lesson closure. After the project is finished, students return to the video to find out how the story ends.

From start to finish, learners are engaged in an intriguing learning experience that utilizes technology to reinforce real-world learning. To see a lesson in action, watch a sample activity pulled straight from our Blended Learning Science Course:

Try Science with E-Blox Now

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