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Dos in Reading Aloud (Part 3)

Nov. 23, 2014

Here we are again with some more tips on how to read aloud. Enjoy!

  • If you feel your kids need a break, stop reading at an intriguing moment to make them look forward to the next reading time.
  • No one is too old for a picture book – make sure your audience can see the pictures if there some in a book.
  • Reading aloud comes naturally to very few people. To do it successfully and with ease you must practice.
  • Vary intonation and voice pitch when reading.
  • During a suspenseful part, slow down, and lower your voice. A lowered voice in the right place moves an audience to the edge of its chairs.
  • Read slowly enough for the child to build mental pictures of what he just heard you read.
  • Bring the author and his book to life. Google the authors to find their personal Web pages. This lets kids understand that books are written by people, not by machines.