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Education Quizzes – Rapid Revision for School Subjects

April 20, 2022


The UK’s largest and most comprehensive range of National Curriculum based interactive quizzes.

Every quiz is designed for students and created by teachers. Over 3,000 quizzes (that’s more than 30,000 questions!) covering 90% of the National Curriculum.

Developed specifically for children from Key Stage 1 through to GCSE (including 11-Plus).

Why Play Quizzes?

Quizzes are interactive and fun to play. They are based on a scientifically proven method of learning called Active Recall. Active Recall embeds knowledge in the long-term memory more effectively than passive learning.


“Students benefit greatly from being able to take online practice quizzes. These quizzes focus on the critical lower-level thinking learning for the students. The students can practise these activities on online quizzes, therefore, freeing up class time for higher-level thinking activities.”

Harry G. Tuttle writing in Education with Technology

What is Active Recall?

Active Recall is the grandiose name that academics give to a relatively simple concept that all of us understand but most of us don’t know its name. It is probably the most valuable educational tool for every student preparing for tests and exams.

The best way of explaining it is with an example.

You are introduced to someone for the first time, you’re told their name but then you don’t see them again for a year. It’s almost certain that you won’t remember their name when you next meet.

Contrast that with someone you are introduced to and then speak to a few times during the next year. It’s almost certain you WILL remember their name. Each time you speak to the person, your brain is forced to use Active Recall to retrieve their name. The more often you retrieve their name the more firmly it becomes embedded in your long-term memory.

quiz for kids In the world of education, Active Recall is probably the most valuable of all techniques for embedding knowledge in long-term memory ready for instant retrieval in the exam room. With increasing emphasis being put on examination success (in place of long-term course work) this is an important consideration in the lives of students.

A Parent subscription allows you to create up to 5 child accounts at no extra cost, meaning the whole family can benefit.

A Tutor subscription allows you to create up to 40 child accounts at no extra cost – perfect for helping your students revise for tests and exams.

A School subscription allows a school to upload as many as 1,000 students – each with their own unique username and password. Every child will then have access to Education Quizzes 24/7 on any device.

As a member of our community you get all of the following:

  1. Unlimited access to quizzes, games and more
  2. Ongoing record of your quiz scores in your personal account
  3. Quiz performance reports and downloadable PDFs
  4. PDF versions of quizzes with answer sheets
  5. Inclusion on weekly age-specific leaderboards

If you want to know more about the EQ site and how it could benefit you as a school, parent or student then please email who will be happy to answer any questions. 

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