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How Colors Influence Mind and Body: Cool Colors

July 26, 2015

Cool colors like blue and green can be easily found in nature. If you think of these two colors, the first things that might come to your mind are sky, water, grass, and forest. How do you feel surrounded by nature?  - Calm and refreshed. This is exactly the effect cool color interiors produce on us. 

blue color Blue calms the mind and body, lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration. It also makes you less anxious and aggressive. Children who have trouble sleeping or are prone to tantrums may benefit from spending time in a blue environment.


Purple may not be a typical color for kids’ rooms, it is usually associated with wisdom, royalty, and luxury. However, you may try to introduce some purple elements in neutral interiors. Because purple is combined of blue and red, purple accessories will give you the impression of stability and energy at the same time.

Green creates a serene nature-like environment like no other color. It has a soothing effect of the body and mind, fills you with confidence, and improves concentration and reading skills. 

To experience the influence of different color environments, feel free to browse through our Pinterest board dedicated to Home Design

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