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Introducing Foundational Reading Courses in Kids Academy App

March 10, 2021

Child reading

March is National Reading Month, so there’s no better time to introduce our new Foundational Reading courses for grades K-3 now included in the Kids Academy app!

Learning to read is a process that should be started early, with consistent instruction that progresses children through the skills necessary for building fluency and comprehension.  Our Foundational Reading courses do exactly that, beginning with learners in kindergarten who are just starting to explore letters and sounds in relation with texts.

To get a better idea of what the Foundational Reading courses cover, let’s take a closer look at the subjects and skills that are covered, as well as the types of activities parents and children can expect to find in this new program.

Subjects and Covered Skills

Depending on the student’s current grade and/or reading level, topics and activates will vary to reflect the appropriate skill level for that stage of reading development. In general, our courses provide reading instruction for grades K-3, and the skills progress and become more sophisticated and complex as students proceed through each grade level course.


Some of the topics covered in each grade level include:


  • Print concepts, such as identifying letters and text features
  • Phonics skills, such as decoding letter sounds, syllables, and rhyming
  • Building fluency through mastering sight words
  • Early comprehension through reading and retelling stories

1st Grade

  • Print concepts, such as punctuation
  • Phonological skills, such as types of vowel sounds, and identifying sounds at the beginnings and ends of words
  • Continuing fluency with sight words
  • Studying different types of texts, such as informational and fiction texts, and genres

2nd Grade

  • Continued phonics instruction, including digraphs and vowel spelling patterns
  • Decoding words with prefixes and identifying common suffixes
  • Using context clues to confirm words, or self-correct word recognition
  • Reading different types and genres of texts, including on topics found across the curriculum!

3rd Grade

  • Prefixes, suffixes, and spelling patterns, such as letters that are silent
  • Decoding syllables and reading multi-syllabic words
  • Homophones and Antonyms
  • Greek and Latin roots to help determine the meaning of a word
  • Identifying different genres and types of text

Since reading is often taught using mixed methods, our units contain a variety of lessons that cover everything from phonological awareness, to recognizing sight words. Students will learn to both decode words, and to self-correct using skills such as using context clues to determine a word.

Activities and Features

Of course, the most exciting details are in the features that are added to make this program not only meaningful, but fun! Each grade level is set up in units, which are then broken down with individual lessons. In each lesson, expect to find a variety of the following types of activities:

  • Exciting, animated videos that review a specific topic
  • Teacher-led videos that provide direct instruction
  • Targeted interactive worksheets that provide skill practice
  • Assessments to measure learning and track progress

Much like the other features in the Talented and Gifted app, the Foundational Reading courses were developed under the guidance of expert educators. All of our activities are created with children in mind and features delightful animations and expertly voiced instructions to keep little learners on track and motivated. What makes this program different is that it targets all the necessary skills to transform your child into an accomplished reader!

This year, celebrate National Reading Month with Kids Academy, and download the Talented and Gifted app to find our new Foundational Reading courses. Find us on the AppStore or on Google Play!

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