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Kids Academy Teams Up with Rivet

Dec. 12, 2019

Kids Academy is teaming up with yet another amazing app to bring high-quality reading materials to the screens of kids across country! We’re happy to announce a new partnership with Rivet, an innovative app that offers free leveled reading books to help children grow their literacy skills using the same technology they already love! 

Kids today have so many different types of media competing for their attention that it can sometimes be a challenge to get them excited to read books. That’s why Kids Academy, together with Rivet, have joined forces to make access to texts easier than ever before! On Rivet, parents and children can now find classic Kids Academy fairy tale storybooks adapted to meet your child’s individual reading level. 

In addition to our books, our YouTube channel provides learning videos that include nursery rhymes, sing-along songs, and lessons to meet your child’s needs. To see our books now available in Rivet, click here!