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Our New “Learn Like Nastya” App Is Out!

May 13, 2022

Childhood is a time of wonder! On their breathtaking quest to make sense of the world, kids learn an incredible amount of new things and establish numerous new logical connections each day. Therefore, it’s safe to say that every child is a sort of a genius - bursting with endless curiosity, open to new experiences, soaking up knowledge like a sponge. 

Questioning, observing and imitating are among the main tools a child uses to get a better idea of how things around them work. Probably that’s one of the reasons why kids are so fascinated with role models. It’s not just fun and entertainment that draw them to fairytale, cartoon and movie characters, but also a chance to identify with a favorite character and see the world from their perspective, observe how they behave in different situations, how they solve problems and build positive connections with others.

And today, among the new generation’s favorite role model figures are other children, who – with help and under the supervision of their parents – create edutainment videos on YouTube and similar platforms. Nastya is one of such popular vloggers with a dazzling following of almost 100 million on her YouTube channel called Like Nastya and with 250 million subscribers across different social media platforms in total. Her charm, friendliness and the cozy magic atmosphere of a child’s dream world created on the channel make young viewers keep a close eye on all her adventures. Nastya learns something new in every video and invites her audience to learn with her – now she takes a lesson in being a good friend, now she practices arithmetics, now she travels to the countryside and explores the busy life of a farm.   



Our Kids Academy’s team became so impressed and inspired by Nastya, that we decided to collaborate with her in creating a new play-and-learn app where kids can interact with their beloved Nastya character and where she will guide and encourage them on their learning journey. Now our new Learn Like Nastya app is finally available for download both on App Store and Google Play!

What is Learn Like Nastya?

Learn Like Nastya is an educational and entertainment app for preschoolers and kindergarteners. It uses essential day-to-day topics to help children explore the world around them and get ready for school by practicing such learning components as ABCs, phonics, vocabulary, number sense, logics, reading comprehension, social interactions, and others through play. 

A Sneak Peek Inside the App

The Learn Like Nastya app is made of:

  • An interactive home screen where Nastya greets the kids and invites them to start playing and learning together.
  • A selection of topics and lessons to choose from. One can always switch lessons and topics and pick something they’re most interested in at the moment.
  • Nastya’s wardrobe where the player can use their earned gems to select cute dresses, hats, bags and other adorable items for Nastya’s outfit.
  • The settings section with useful buttons and an app tutorial.

What topics will kids explore?

Together with Nastya, young learners will move through the topics freely and pick up important foundational skills without even noticing it. All the topics are built around a certain important aspect of a child’s life and their immediate environment. The topics are made of lessons where kids can learn about families and homes they live in, different pets and their manners, the meaning of friendship, the nature of one’s feelings and emotions and so much more. 

Each section also has lessons on ELA, reading and math to provide an effective boost in skills a child will need for school. The first app release contains 8 major topics, and we’re already working on new interactive content to add to the updates that will follow! 


What activities can be found on the app?

Studies show that alternating different types of activities is the best way to hold a child’s focus and to avoid boring them. On Learn Like Nastya, children will be offered a huge selection of diverse and brightly illustrated activities presenting various aspects of the studied topic, providing information, practice, amusement and space for creativity. And it’s so much more fun to play in Nastya’s company ​​— her animated character will guide little ones through the activities, give them helpful hints and rejoice at their achievements. 


The activities on Learn Like Nastya include:

  • Animated video lessons;
  • Popular songs;
  • Interactive picture books;
  • Letter tracing;
  • Jigsaw puzzles;
  • Matching and sorting logic games;
  • Various quizzes;
  • Memory cards;
  • Coloring pages;
  • Free drawing games.

As the saying goes, an installed app is worth a thousand descriptions. We invite you to check out the Learn Like Nastya app for yourself and tell us what you think about it. We hope you and your child will enjoy playing it just as much as we enjoy creating it!

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