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Writing Skills: Going Beyond Writing

Feb. 15, 2015

a kid reading a book Some of us may think that in order to know how to write kids need to know how to draw straight lines, curved lines, and circles, as well as to have a correct pencil grasp. However, these are not the only things we need to teach our children.

How many of you laughed your heads off when you saw kids holding a book upside down or “reading” it backwards? I guess, we all witness such scenes from time to time. What looks natural for us, adults, needs to be taught to our kids. In the long run children will benefit from the knowledge that we read and write from top to bottom, and from left to write. 

Another thing which might be useful to do is to practice writing letters between the two lines. By doing this kids will learn where the midline of letters is and where to position upper- and lower-case letters. 

Our next posts are going to be dedicated to hand writing activities – stay tuned!


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