Math Lesson - Base 10 and standard Subtraction (no regrouping), Grade 1

  • Activity 1 / Count Back to Subtract Substraction Worksheet

    If you’re looking for yet another strategy to teach your child to subtract, this Count Back to Subtract worksheet features a number line to offer your child a meaningful visual way to master subtraction!
    Simply use the number line to count back to help your child gain a deeper understanding of subtraction!

  • Activity 2 / Matching Subtraction Equations To Base 10 Models Worksheet

    Help your student draw a line to the equation that matches the subtraction shown with the base 10 blocks. This worksheet requires that your young ones have good subtraction skills, good counting skills, and good problem solving skills. The three mathematical problems here are easy enough for your students to solve; all they need is proper guidance to complete the tracing sheet. Hold their hands as they trace a line to the equation that matches the subtraction shown in base 10.

  • Activity 3 / Solving Subtraction Equations Worksheet

    Help your kids complete this simple mathematical worksheet and stimulate their brains. The colourful printout might have a mathematical problem that your kid could be unenthusiastic about, but they will see how simple the problem really is, and understand solving subtractions better. Help them solve the subtraction problems in the tracing sheet by drawing lines through the number of base 10 blocks being taken away. Ask them to draw a line between the subtraction problem and the correct answer.

  • Activity 4 / Subtracting With Base 10 Blocks Worksheet

    After subtracting or crossing out the number on the bottom of the subtraction problem, ask your child to count how many longs and cubes are left, and then help them check the correct answer. This worksheet might seem tricky to your child at first glance, but it is a simple mathematical problem. And, if your child can count well enough, they should have little problems completing this exercise. Help them count the cubes and check the correct answer.

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