Engage Your 6-7-Year-Olds with Fun Phonics Coloring Worksheets for Vowel Team Identification at Kids Academy

Discover engaging and educational printable worksheets for kids aged 6-7 at Kids Academy! Our Vowel Team Identification activity enhances phonics skills through fun coloring exercises. These worksheets help children recognize vowel combinations, improving their reading and spelling abilities. Perfect for at-home learning or classroom use, this resource makes mastering vowel teams enjoyable and interactive. Enhance your child's learning experience with our expertly designed materials, tailored to build foundational literacy skills in a creative and accessible way. Visit Kids Academy today and start your child’s journey to reading success with our Vowel Team Identification worksheets!

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Long A Vowel Team Coloring Fun Worksheet
Long A Vowel Team Coloring Fun Worksheet

Long A Vowel Team Coloring Fun Worksheet

Divide your class into teams, give each a printout, then have them read aloud words with a long "A" sound (e.g. brain, paid). As they listen, let them reinforce this lesson by coloring in the words and pictures. Make phonics fun and interactive with this great coloring page!
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Long A Vowel Team Coloring Fun Worksheet