Reading Improvement Normal Long And Short Vowel Worksheets for Ages 3-6

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  • 3-6
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  • Reading Improvement
  • Long And Short Vowel
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Short /a/ or Long /a/? Worksheet
Short /a/ or Long /a/? Worksheet

Short /a/ or Long /a/? Worksheet

Phonetics and its sounds can be tricky for kids. They can read and spell, but long and short vowels might be difficult. Use this phonetic worksheet to teach them to identify words with the short /a/ or long /a/ sound. Kids have to find the words ending with 'e' (long sound) and words with one vowel (short sound, e.g. 'mat'). Colourful printout makes it fun and easy to learn!
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Short /a/ or Long /a/? Worksheet