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Explore the "Phonics Coloring Pages" on Kids Academy to enhance your second grader's reading abilities with fun, printable worksheets. These engaging coloring pages help children develop phonics skills by combining creativity with learning. Each worksheet is designed to reinforce key phonetic concepts through interactive activities that make reading practice enjoyable. Perfect for both classroom settings and at-home learning, these resources support literacy development while sparking a love for reading. Foster your child's reading abilities with these delightful, educational tools that bring learning to life through the joy of coloring.

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Long E Vowel Team Coloring Worksheet
Long E Vowel Team Coloring Worksheet

Long E Vowel Team Coloring Worksheet

Divide your students into teams and have them read words with long E sounds, such as "meet" and "team." Let them recognize that the sound can be created with either "ee" or "ea" letter pairings. Then, have the teams color words and pictures with the appropriate letters. This will make your phonics lesson fun and effective.
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Long E Vowel Team Coloring Worksheet