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Introducing Kids Academy Summer Camp for Grade 2

June 23, 2020


Kids Academy knows that the primary years in school, which includes grades PreK-3, are the most crucial when it comes to the trajectory of any child’s education. These early years set the stage for all future learning, which is why we are committed to bringing parents and teachers the highest quality learning resources to give every child the very best start in learning and life.

Unfortunately, students lost a chunk of in-person class time this past spring. For rising second graders, this means that students might enter the classroom in the fall a bit unprepared for the challenges of the new school year. To help kids close gaps and get ahead, Kids Academy has prepared an innovative summer camp program, with a course designed specifically for your second grader!

What Does Summer Camp Cover?

In second grade, students continue to strengthen reading comprehension and fluency, while also increasing number sense through solving addition and subtraction equations before eventually moving on to fractions and beginning multiplication and division. Kids likewise build vocabulary and understanding in targeted social studies and science topics. To prepare, our 2nd grade camp covers:

  • Advanced phonics, including studying syllables
  • Writing conventions, with a focus on grammar, parts of speech, and punctuation
  • Story structure as well as author’s purpose and informational texts
  • Adding and subtracting up to 1,000
  • Shapes and fractions
  • Measurement and word problems
  • Social studies skills that focus on society, civics, and world culture
  • Science topics that include matter, organisms, space, and more!

See the full program here

Included Activities

Since 2nd graders are diving into more complex topics, the activities are hand-crafted by teachers to meet their unique needs. Summer camp offers kids:

  • Engaging games with professionally voiced instructions and feedback
  • Quizzes that offer detailed feedback to remediate for missed questions
  • Engaging interactive worksheets and coloring pages
  • Catchy animated videos, songs, and storybooks
  • Teacher-led tutorial lessons for direct instruction

After completing the camp, you can feel rest assured that your child will be ready and prepared for fall! Use the course to review previously learned material and use the rest of the time to give your child a chance to tackle new content and digest it before school even starts. The summer will be over before you know it; don’t wait—enroll in summer camp today!

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