First Words Worksheet

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If you’re like many preschool parents, you may be wondering how to start teaching your little learner to read and write. One of the very first steps is to help your child forge a connection between words they already know and letters. This “B” words printable worksheet will help your child do just that. 
Completing this worksheet will help your child: 
• Think about what letter each picture starts with
• Sound out words to determine which words start with “B”
• Make a connection between the pictures and the letters that begin each word.
Getting your child to realize that all words start with the letters they learned as a toddler is just one step in building literacy, but once your child understands this critical notion, they can start sounding out words to build reading skills.

Required skills:
In order to resolve this worksheet, students should know the sounds of the letters in the alphabet, they should be able to recognize pictures, and should be familiar with how letters are put together to form words. They should also know the words that start with the letter "B".