Counting with Tally Marks Worksheet

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Using tally marks is a strategy young mathematicians use when counting on or back, and particularly when learning to count and give value to larger numbers efficiently. With this downloadable PDF, they'll learn that each tally mark represents one, and that when they count five, they can make a cool new group that will help them add and subtract faster and with efficiency and accuracy. They'll be able to apply using tallies to everything from math problems to scorekeeping when playing games with their friends.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should have a basic understanding of tally marks, counting, and how adding and subtracting with tally marks can be more efficient than counting each individual object. They should be able to identify groups of five tally marks and recognize that these groups can make counting large numbers easier. By completing this worksheet, students will practice their counting and addition/subtraction skills using tally marks.