Food Chains Worksheet

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Plants and animals are all part of a larger food chain, which drives the cycle of life! This intriguing worksheet will get your little scientist thinking about the most important part of any food chain: the sun! Instruct learners to read the information on the page, starting with the fact that the sun helps the plants to grow. After reading, consider the true or false question. Are large animals the most important? Discuss this with your child, and how without the sun, none of the other organisms would exist. Circle the correct answer to complete this fascinating page!

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know about the interconnectedness of plant and animal life in food chains, and how the sun plays a vital role in driving this cycle. They should also understand that all organisms in a food chain are important, not just the largest ones. They will need critical thinking skills to analyze the true/false question and choose the correct answer.