Life Cycle of a Frog Worksheet - Answers and Completion Rate

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Tasks in the Worksheet:
Read the passage, check the correct number that matches the order of events in a frog's life cycle. A frog is an amphibian which means it can live in water and on land. A frog's life cycle begins as a tiny egg. Frogs lay eggs in or near the water. After about 10 days the eggs hatch and a tadpole comes out. It uses gills to breathe under the water. After a few weeks the gills disappear and the tadpole grows lungs. After about 12 weeks the tadpole grows legs and its tail disappears. After about a year the frog is full grown.
Life Cycle of a Frog Worksheet Answer Key
Life Cycle of a Frog Worksheet
Life Cycle of a Frog Worksheet Learning Value
The basic learning value of this worksheet is to teach students about the life cycle of a frog through reading and visual aids, and to help them develop reading and matching skills. It also introduces them to basic life science vocabulary and concepts.