Long O Vowel Team Coloring Worksheet

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Energize your lesson on long vowels with this fun coloring worksheet! By dividing your class into teams and encouraging them to work together you will show them how to correctly identify and pronounce the long O sound. Get teams to read words such as «boat» and «flow» while the rest of the class listens, instructing them to pay attention to the long O sounds made by the «oa» and «o» groupings of letters. Then let students work together to color in the words and matching pictures while thinking about what they have learned. This simple printout is ideal for supplementing any phonics lesson.

Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should first know what a long O sound is and how it is pronounced. They should also be able to identify words that contain vowel team spellings that create the long O sound, such as "oa" and "o". In addition, they should be able to read simple words like "boat" and "flow", and understand the meaning of those words. Lastly, they should be able to work in teams and follow instructions to color in the words and pictures correctly.
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