Long Vowel Sound A Worksheet

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Use this colorful free printable phonics worksheet to teach your young learner about the long vowel A.
Remind your beginning reader about the difference between the long and the short vowel sound A. Make sure that your kid remembers that the long vowel A says its name while the short vowel A does not. 
To complete this printable worksheet your child will have to trace the root to the lovely toy train and help the dog complete the word with the missing letter A.
Not only will your kid get a lesson in phonics, they will also have a chance to practice writing and spelling, too and have some fun with phonics!

Required skills:
To complete this worksheet, students should know the difference between the long and short vowel sound A, how to recognize words with the long vowel sound A, and how to spell words that contain the long vowel sound A. They should also know how to trace and complete words with missing letters.