Nonfiction Captions Worksheet

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Captions are great for helping your students learn to read, because they let them understand better what is going on in the passage and the picture. Help your students learn to read better with some books that have colorful captions in them. Now, look at the picture in this worksheet. Read the captions aloud to your students and help them learn the parts of the picture are labeled. Head to the bottom of the page with your students and help them answer the questions.

Required skills:
To effectively solve this worksheet, students should be familiar with reading comprehension, vocabulary, and understanding how to identify and label parts of a picture. They should be able to read and comprehend the captions in the image, interpret the descriptions and match them with the parts of the picture that they refer to. Additionally, they should be able to answer the questions at the bottom of the page by using the information provided in the captions.