Pilgrim Maze Worksheet

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Here’s a worksheet perfect for the Independence Day, or any time of the year to teach your future historians about an important moment in American History! Your child will have a blast solving the maze as they recall that the Mayflower brought the pilgrims to the New World way back in 1620. 
Here’s why you’ll love this worksheet: 
• Visual motor and problem solving skills are utilized to solve the maze 
It reinforces important American history facts
• It uses more modern pictures to make your child think about the correct answer 
Let’s get started learning about our great country’s past with this challenging pilgrim printable maze or get a full collection of history worksheets for your little learner.

Required skills:
To solve this worksheet, students should have basic knowledge of American History, specifically about the arrival of pilgrims to the New World in 1620. They should also have visual motor and problem solving skills to navigate through the maze.