Letter Q Tracing Page

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Here is one more ABC writing worksheet.
Continue learning the alphabet with the letter "Q". This letter is not so easy to write as it seems. It looks much like the capital letter "O", but be attentive – it also has a little "tail". Practice tracing and writing the letter several times, then go to the lowercase letter.
Now that you are ready, go to the next exercise. Have a look at the Queen, the first letter of her word is missing! Will you help her? And then write the initial letter for the "quarters".
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Required skills:
To resolve this worksheet, students should know how to recognize the letter Q, understand the correct way to trace and write it, and have good fine motor skills to do so. Additionally, they should be able to distinguish between the letter Q and the similar-looking letter O and be perceptually aware of the "tail" that makes the Q unique. Finally, they should be able to recognize the initial sound of words like "Queen" and "quarters" and know which letter represents that sound.