6 Tips for Teaching Kids to Solve Word Problems in Math

Dec. 18, 2017

If your child is like most kids, he or she struggles with word problems in math class. Math word problems are tough, and many kids come home frustrated with their homework as they take on this tricky type of math problem. Fortunately, there are many tricks and tips to make this tough task just a bit easier on your child.

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Managing Devices in the Elementary Classroom: 5 Tips for Educators

Dec. 11, 2017

Just a decade ago, nobody knew that smart phones and tablets would take the world by storm. In recent days, our iPhones and iPads have revolutionized our lives—fundamentally changing the way we do things. Just like in everyday life, technology in the classroom offers new and exciting ways to deliver lessons and reinforce important skills. But as with any change, using devices in the classroom can be difficult to implement and manage.

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Strategies for Teaching Math in Grades 1 through 3

Dec. 5, 2017

Most of us remember long school days filled with memorizing multiplication tables and learning formulas with very little reasoning behind the operations we used. But in today’s classroom, not only are kids learning more complex math sooner, they’re developing number sense to understand the steps they take to solve problems. This article will explore different strategies to use as we teach kids to grow their number sense and gain a thorough understanding of math.

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