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5 Fun Facts about Easter Your Kids Will Love

March 27, 2024

Easter is the joyous celebration of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, which is arguably the most important holiday of the Christian calendar. So what do bunnies have to do with Easter? Why is the Easter egg the symbol of the holiday? If you’re like most people, you might have pondered that very question at some point in your life.

Easter is an interesting holiday with a rich history, with origins in both Christianity and paganism. To help your child understand this holiday better, the following fun facts about Easter is sure to bring your child job and excitement for this wondrous season.   

Easter is on a different date each year

Your child will soon notice that Easter doesn’t always happen at the same time each year, making this a great excuse to talk about months, the calendar, and phases of the moon! Christian religions say that Jesus was resurrected on the Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox.

Spring starts on March 21st every year, meaning that the next full moon afterwards will usher in Easter. With that said, Easter can fall anytime between March 22-April 25. This corresponds with the Jewish Passover, but Orthodox traditions follow a different calendar, and celebrate the holiday later than most Christians in the US. 


The White House Easter Egg Roll

Easter eggs

According to the US government, the annual White House Easter Egg Roll has been a yearly tradition on Easter since 1878 when President Hayes allowed children on the White House Lawn to roll their eggs. Before the egg roll was moved to the White House, it was held on Capitol Hill, but congressmen grew tired of the event and put a stop to the event.

Today, the egg roll is the biggest White House event of the year, and families sign their children up to participate by enrolling in a yearly lottery. This event is filled with fun events and live entertainment, bring joy to children in the Washington DC area.

The Easter Bunny is German

Basket with bunnies and Easter eggs

Rabbits or hares are generally thought to be symbols of fertility and new life. Since Easter falls in the spring, the Easter bunny has been adopted by the mainstream celebrations in tandem with religious feasts and traditions.

The Easter bunny as we know it—the bunny that stops by before Easter morning to bring boys and girls Easter goodies—originated in Germany and brought to the US by German immigrants in the 1700’s. The Germans brought word of an egg-laying rabbit that candies and gifts for Easter morning. 

Easter has origins in ancient civilizations

child on the shoulders

Before becoming a religious feast day for Christians across the globe, spring celebrations have been around for centuries. In fact, Easter is thought to have originated from pagan traditions that celebrate rebirth and fertility. It is thought that Easter existed in many cultures as a feast day to celebrate new the season of spring and new life.

There are also other resurrection stories amongst ancient cultures across the world. All the fun activities, like Easter egg hunts, have pagan roots, but integrate into Christian beliefs nicely because of the theme of rebirth and renewal.   

Easter involves a lot of candy!

chocolate eggs

As far as candy goes, Easter is a huge holiday for giving sweets and treats out to little ones, and your little learner probably looks forward to the goodies the Easter Bunny brings on Easter morning! Halloween ranks as the top holiday for candy-giving, but Easter is at a close second. Easter enjoys a large amount of holiday-specific candies that have become a time-honored tradition in many households. The most popular non-chocolate Easter candy is Peeps, while kids also enjoy jelly beans, and chocolate treats, like Cadbury eggs and chocolate bunnies.  

Easter at Kids Academy

Easter is a joyous holiday for kids, and it has a rich history allowing celebrants to honor the resurrection of their savior as well as the beginning of spring. Hopefully, the above Easter facts teach your child something new this Easter holiday, while getting them ready for this year’s holiday. 

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