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5 Most Popular Interactive Features of ‘3 Little Piggies’

Dec. 14, 2014

One of the most fascinating features of our book app ‘The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf’ is its interactivity. Interactive features are ‘tappable’ and bring kids unpredictable surprises. Tapping also involves children’s motor skills, which, as we, parents, know, have better be developed as early as possible. 

Tappable features of our book app are delightful. Do you know which of them are the most popular with children? Here’s a list of 5 most favorite ones:

  • Piggies themselves

Tap the characters to let them have fun, or help them out of difficult situations!

  • Big Bad Wolf

He starts huffing, puffing and blowing down the piggies’ houses with your single tap.

  • Pigs’ houses

You can help piggies build their houses by tapping the foundations of the houses

  • Pigs’ accessories

Sniff-Sniff, Snaff-Snaff, and Snuff-Snuff have a lot of curious accessories inside their house: a book, a clock, a light, their tortoise pet, the ‘Best Pigs in Town’ award, and many more. You can find them all inside Snaff-Snaff’s house.

  • Pigs’ props

There are also ‘tappable’ features around the piggies’ houses: see what happens when you tap a scarecrow, a mailbox, or an owl in the hollow of a tree.

Interactive features of our story book bring kids a lot of fun and excitement and engross them emotionally into the adventure of Sniff-Sniff, Snaff-Snaff, and Snuff-Snuff.

If you are looking for easy and enjoyable learning opportunities for your child, try our learning apps and math worksheets for 3rd grade.

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