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What’s New on the Blog This Week - July 23

July 23, 2021

weekly digest

This week, Kids Academy has been working hard to deliver you fresh and fascinating articles and to keep you updated about all the latest news in learning and teaching! Check out the great content we have prepared for you this week.

Educational Articles

If you are a young parent and you want to know how you can facilitate your baby's speech development, read about how different pronunciation techniques and face massage can improve the formation of a child's speech and cognitive activity. Secondly, we have great animated material on what's new in the learning process on our website - meaning interactive worksheets that allow you to go through the worksheet without opening the app!


The Hot Limited-Time Offer for Home Summer Learning Plan

Have you received our email with a special discount for the summer learning plan? Hurry up to check your inbox for a 65% discount on the Talented and Gifted membership! It is too valuable to be put into a trash folder. 

The Winners of Week 11 Contest

We are happy to announce the winners of the Weekly Contest Week 11! Here you can find the names of our little champions with activities they starred at. Take a look - probably your child shines among them! As well, refresh memory about the final Week 12 Contest that is close to its end! 

The End of Kids Academy Weekly Contest

As you probably remember, we launched the educational contest back in April. Now it is close to its final point and we will announce the winners of the last #12 Week Contest on Monday. We want to heartily say thank you to all our motivated students who do their best to achieve brilliant results and earn stars in various nominations and we hope that the contest was really fun for children. However, it's early to be sad about it since in Kids Academy there is no time to be upset as we always think something new out for kids! We hope this bright incentive engaged your child in the learning process and motivate young learners to progress through the Kids Academy app! See you next week!

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