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5 Tips for Successful Homeschooling of Little Learners aged 2-5

May 23, 2016


These days more and more parents decide on educating their kids at home. Though there are a lot of both supporters as well as those who are against homeschooling, educating kids at home is getting more and more popular and widespread. To make this process more efficient and enjoyable both for parents and kids, here are some tips to follow:

1. Organize study facilities

No matter whether you decided on a school-way organizing of the room or doing most of the activities on the floor or carpet, it is advisable to have a fixed workstation where a little learner can sit and do some activities, such as drawing, painting, coloring or writing. At some stage it will be necessary to sit down to table, the sooner your kid is introduced to his or her working place the better. 

2. Keep to the routine


To make the educational process go more smoothly and efficiently, fix the times for everyday educational activities as well as for daily routine, i.e. having meals and snacks or having a nap. It important to keep the balance between sit down activities such as reading and writing and more active ones, i.e. playing and sing songs together.

3. Develop kid’s life skills and personal qualities

With your own experience show your little learners interest and enthusiasm in studies. Also, encourage kids to start and finish the tasks. It is vital for kids to have their parents as helpful assistants. However, kids should feel that they can do some simple tasks themselves as it will get them the feeling of achieving something. If kids insist on doing something on their own, let them do it.

4. Pay enough attention to academic skills

Try to stick to the chosen curriculum and go through reading, writing and math every day so that a kid gets adjusted to the things you do every day. From time to time it is advisable to introduce some new activities from other resources. You can download some educational apps onto your tablet or computer and let your kids enjoy and develop themselves at the same time.

5. Integrate education into your everyday life

When you home school your little ones household chores doesn’t disappear. Let your kids help you around the house to the point they are ready and capable to. Ask your kids to sort out the toys according to color, size or theme. Do the shopping with them and get revision of what you’ve studied recently: revise the colors, let your kid name the fruits or vegetables, find different objects around starting with different letters.

Homeschooling is a hard, sometimes stressful, but yet a very fascinating and rewarding process for every loving parent. Stay calm, determined and follow the latest updates on the Internet and educating your kid at home will bring results in no time. 


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