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Brown Day Scenario

May 31, 2015

When we were writing a brown day scenario, we came to the conclusion that a ‘brown day' looks like the most delicious and the most animal-friendly day. So, here are our ideas on how to teach kids color brown!

brown day

Start your kids’ day with the most delicious brown breakfast ever! Cocoa or hot chocolate, brownies, or a chocolate cake decorated with a cinnamon stick, all these mouth-watering and want-s’more foodies help you introduce the word ‘brown’ to your kids. Bet, this kind of breakfast will show off every kid’s sleep! If you are a healthy eating parent, then you might want to treat your kid to oatmeal raisin cookies, almonds, pecans, hazelnuts or German rye bread. 

In our previous post we suggested kids wear something of the color of the day. If your kids have something brown they would like to put on, go ahead, if not, insisting is no good. 

'Brown day', however, can be full of exciting outdoor activities. Kids will be happy if you take them to a zoo to see birds and animals. You’ll definitely find some brown bears, squirrels, and owls to revise the word of the day! A good alternative to a zoo could be a farm where your kids can see brown chicks, ducks, cows, and horses.


At the end of such an exciting day you might want to occupy your kids with a hands-on activity. Making a brown playdough or plasticine animal they saw during the day would be a delight for them. If this activity is not your kid’s cup of tea, you can try coloring or drawing activities. Finally, planting a seed into brown soil is also an exciting activity!

We hope we provided you with plenty of ideas for a brown color day. Do you have more? Share them with us at  or on our Facebook page right under the Brown Day picture.


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